Honey of Distinction

All natural honey, minimally processed from the honey comb to you. Like all good honeys it has a distinctive flavor and color. No other honey tastes like Honey of Distinction, it is unique with its mix of floral flavors.

Local Beekeeper Keeps Honey Flowing

In backyards and farms from Sunnyvale to Campbell, one man is working as hard as his own bees to keep hives healthy and chemical-free.

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The Bee Whisperer

If you're an avid gardener, chances are you're already familiar with the benefits that bees bring to your flowers and vegetable patch. For the rest of us, beekeepers like Mark Paterson exist to induct us into their magical universe...

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I consider my honey all natural and has been minimally processed from the honey comb to you. Like all good honey is has a distinctive flavor and color. No other honey tastes like honey of distinction, it is unique with its mix of floral flavors.

Honey of Distinction is dedicated to raising bees and harvesting honey in a sustainable way, and without the use of chemicals. We use an organic approach with all of our bees and honey extracting.

lip balm

All Natural Honey Lip Balm

This lip balm is made using bees wax and honey from my hives. With all natural, quality ingredients, this safe and effective product will give your lips the moisture it needs.

Ingredients: beeswax, sweet almond oil, shea butter, honey, tangerine oil.


Bees Wax Candles

I make these bees wax candles using bees wax from my hives. Knowing that I do not use any chemicals in my hives, you can expect these bees wax candles to be pure. Candles are available in both 8oz and 4oz metal tin containers with a clear lid. These containers are designed to be mess free for your convenience.

About the Beekeeper

mark patterson

I developed an interested bee keeping as a result of my interest in gardening and started bee keeping in Australia since 2003.

I currently manage seventeen hives, and plan to continue to expand that number of hives. I very much enjoy bee keeping and use an all natural approach to keeping my hives. I use no chemicals of any kind to treat these hives. I believe that this approach is the best for the bees.

I enjoy teaching people about bees and how to keep bees. I visit schools and teach children about bees and what they do for us. I'm very happy to show people my hives and how I work them.

I enjoy making bees wax candles and all natural skin care products.

Our Services

bee hive

Beekeeping Services

Have you ever wanted to have a bee hive in your own backyard, but don't know how to or have the time to manage it?

I am a Beekeeper looking to help people, that would love to have and enjoy a Bee Hive or two in the backyard. I can manage your hive(s) throughout the year and maintain them. I use an organic all natural approach in managing hive(s), no chemicals are ever used. There is an initial set-up fee and ongoing maintenance cost.

A bee hive will give you wonderful fresh honey and will pollinate your garden. Most city ordinances allow beehives (up to three) as long as there are no complaints from neighbors. These problems are very rare and easily avoidable.

I would happy to talk about any questions you may have.


Swarm Removal Service

I offer a bee swarm removal. I will come to your place and remove the bees. I can bring a bee suit so that you may watch if you wish.

The process is fairly simple:

  1. Identify where the bees are, usually they will be hanging from a branch of a tree or the side of the house. They will be in the shape of a ball.
  2. Remove any foliage from close the bees.
  3. Place a capture bucket under the bees as close as possible.
  4. Next strongly tap the branch with a fist, the bees will drop into the bucket.
  5. Place the lid on the bucket, the lid has a hole in it. Some bees will come up to the hole and start fanning their wings, they are sending out a pheromone this tells all of the bees that didn't get into the bucket that queen bee is in the bucket and that this is their new home.
  6. After an hr or two all of the bees will enter the bucket, now I put a plug into the hole and now can take them away.


Honey Extraction

The bees put the extra honey in supers, these boxes are 6 5/8" high. I take these supers which contain 10 frames off the hive separate the bees from the supper. Then I take out each frame of honey take the caps of each cell, and then I use a hand crank extractor that uses centrifuge force to extract the honey. I plan to obtain an electric extractor when I reach twenty five hives.


Bee Education

I am available for bee demos, schools, earth day events, and teaching bee keeping classes. I bring a teaching hive and my bee keeping equipment to my presentations.

Contact me to find out further information.


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Mark Paterson

Phone: 408-469-2152

Email: honeyofdistinction@gmail.com

Address: 206 Church Lane Wallaroo NSW 2618 Australia

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